"Ship of Miracles" documentary film by RJ McHatton

The SS Meredith Victory was a merchant ship built for WWII. 

455 feet in length, it was designed to hold cargo, not passengers.

The "SS Meredith Victory" was named after a small college in North Carolina. The "victory" ships were built durring WWII as freighters to help transport supplies and equipment overseas.

The ship was built to hold supplies, not a small city of 14,000 people.

After its heroic mission in saving over 14,000 civilian refugees, the Meredith Victory was sent to Seattle to be cleaned.

Then it sat in Bremerton, WA for many years, until it served some small missions during the Vietnam War.

Then the old ship was sold for scrap metal to the Chinese.

The Meredith Victory is called the Ship of Miracles.

It is one of the few Gallant Award winning ships in history.

The Department of Transportation has declared the Meredith Victory miracle voyage as the greatest rescue in the history of mankind.

The Guiness Book of Records recognized the Meredith Victory for its roles in the greatest single rescue in the history of mankind.

To learn more about the SS Meredith Victory, go to www.meredithvictory.com