"Ship of Miracles" documentary film by RJ McHatton

Ship of Miracles--Author Bill Gilbert

     Bill Gilbert is the best-selling author of 23 books on a wide variety of topics, including World War II, government, politics, and sports.

         A former reporter for "The Washington Post," he served in the United States Air Force for four years, two and a half of which were during the Korean War.

         He lives with his wife, Lillian, in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D. C.

       Here is a listing of some of his books:

1.        "Over Here, Over There: The Andrews Sisters and the USO Stars in World War II" with Maxene Andrews

2.        "They Also Served:Baseball and the Home Front 1941-1945"

3.        "How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere," with talk show host Larry King

4.        "The Duke of Flatbush" with baseball Hall of Famer Duke Snider

5.        "Real Grass, Real Heroes: Baseball's Historic 1941 Season" with baseball All-Star Dom DiMaggio

6.        "Now Pitching: Bob Feller" with baseball Hall of Famer Bob Feller

7.        "Five O'Clock Lightning", with baseball All-Star Tommy Henrich

8.        "The Truth of the Matter," with Bert Lance

9.        "This City, This Man: The Cookingham Era in Kansas City"

10.     "All These Mornings," with Washington Post columnist Shirley Povich

11.     "Keep Off My Turf," with football All-Pro Mike Curtis

12.     "They Call Me the Big E," with basketball Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes

13.     "A Coach for All Seasons" with basketball Hall of Famer Morgan Wootten

14.     "From Orphans to Champions" with basketball Hall of Famer Morgan Wootten

15.     "High School Basketball: How to Be a Winner in Every Way" with coach Joe Gallagher

  • Bill Gilbert is an experienced public speaker who can be scheduled for your organization.

He has written 23 books so far on a wide variety of fascinating subjects and is able to speak on each of them.


Mr. Gilbert is a former reporter for The Washington Post and an experienced author, editor and press secretary. He has written 23 books, including three national best-sellers, by himself and with such celebrities as talk show host Larry King, Maxene Andrews of the Andrews Sisters, political figure Bert Lance and such baseball stars as Hall of Famers Duke Snider and Bob Feller, All-Stars Dom DiMaggio and Tommy Henrich and with the daughter of Babe Ruth.

His book, "The Seasons: Ten Memorable Years in Baseball and in America," with a foreword by Larry King, tells the story of life in America since World War II, through the unfolding of ten exciting years in baseball combined with ten eventful years in the nation.

In his foreword, Larry King says, "I've been a Bill Gilbert fan for 25 years. This book is the latest reason. I love baseball and America as much as he does. That's why I love this book, and it's why you will, too."

Mr. Gilbert's book "Air Power," is about the stories of the most dramatic missions in the history of the Air Force, from before World War I to Gulf War II, including such historic flights as Hiroshima, Jimmy Doolittle's raid over Tokyo, the Berlin Airlift and dramatic missions during the Korean War and in Vietnam.

Mr. Gilbert is a frequent guest on radio and television, with appearances on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, the A&E cable channel, the Jim Bohannon Show with 7 million listeners, ESPN, the Armstrong Williams Show and many others. He never disappoints his audiences with his stories of drama, humor, inspiration, bravery and patriotism.

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