"Ship of Miracles" documentary film by RJ McHatton

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On Christmas Day, 1950, the US Merchant ship "SS Meredith Victory" arrived at a Korean port, carrying over 14,000 refugees--men, women, and children.


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Ship of Miracles - documentary by RJ McHatton from RJ McHatton on Vimeo.

The US Maritime Administration called this "the greatest rescue operation by a single ship in the history of mankind."

Captain Leonard LaRue

     The ship captain and crew were decorated as American heroes. The Captain was so moved by this experience that he became a monk in a New Jersey monastery.


      Filmmaker RJ McHatton read an obituary on Captain Leonard LaRue in 2001.  He was so moved by this story that he began a SIX year journey to bring this story to the big screen.

"Ship of Miracles" is the inspiring true story of a handful of American merchant seamen who saved 14,000 people on a single voyage, during the Hungnam evacuation. Through mine fields, fog, darkness, and enemy fire, no one on the ship lost their life.


Five babies were born during the journey.

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